Burris riflescopes are favorites amongst hunters, sport shooters and professionals around the world because Burris employs only the most knowledgeable and passionate engineers. They know what hunters want because they're hunters too! Since the brightest, sharpest image is the goal of any optic, Burris scopes feature lenses with large diameters. The greater size gathers more light, which makes the image brighter. The Burris Signature Select series have lens diameters 40% larger than competing 1" scopes! But all the light in the world won't make a difference if the lens fog up easily or fill with water, so Burris riflescopes are completely fog proof and waterproof, with a nitrogen purging process repeated 24 times for maximum moisture elimination. The adjustment systems on all riflescopes by Burris are repeatable, feature steel on steel construction, and have audible clicks for simplicity.

There are two main factors for getting the best possible picture from a riflescope: light transmission and image quality. Light transmission comes from the quality of the glass and the lens coatings. Burris's patented HiLume lens coating lets through an extraordinary amount of light without degrading the image quality. The number of lenses and craftsmanship of the scope help provide a clear image that has fewer distortions than even some of the highest priced brands. And just because Burris riflescopes are premium optics, that doesn't mean they'll break the bank. There are options available for most budgets, and all of them receive the same careful attention and thoughtful design, so you know you'll always have a quality scope on your firearm!
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Burris Timberline 4.5-14x32mm
Burris Timberline 4.5-14x32 riflescope boasts outstanding optical performance in a succinct, lightwe..

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