HW Weihrauch

Weihrauch is known for making superior-quality rifles. In fact, they set the standard over 50 years ago, and everyone else has been playing catch-up! While there are many other well-made rifles being made today, there's a bit of nostalgia for many airgunners who know that you just can't go wrong when you buy a Weihrauch airgun.

The first thing you'll notice is the well-proportioned stock. Next, you'll admire the beautiful, deep bluing. Then, the accuracy. It doesn't matter how beautiful they make the gun if it's not accurate. HW guns are known for their pinpoint accuracy. Even if you never put a scope on your gun, you'll still enjoy repeatedly hitting the 10-ring.

The Weihrach HW90 breakbarrel air rifle is a good hunting gun. Shoot small- to medium-sized pests and game. The gas spring easily stands up to being cocked while you wait for the ideal shot to be taken. It won't weaken like metal mainsprings. Hunting with air rifles is becoming more common, and many states now list specific game that can be taken with them.

If you're not a hunter but want a quality air rifle for plinking or target shooting, the HW 90 will give you decades of service.

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